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At Cashiers Pump & Plumbing Supply, we serve the plumbing professional and the homeowner alike. If we don't have it in stock, you bet we can order it!
Some of our most common inventory items include:
•  Pipe & Fittings: PVC (pressure & foam core), PEX (brass & poly fittings), CPVC, CTS,
   Copper and Push Fit
•  Water Heaters (electric, gas & tankless), Tanks (pressure, holding & thermal                   expansion), Pumps (grinder, sewage, effluent, recirculation, booster & waterfall)
•   Water Treatment & Irrigation Systems
•   Winterizing Items (Pipe Insulation, Heat Tape & Antifreeze)
•   Toilets, Seats & Repair Parts
•   Fixtures:  Due to limited space and the overwhelming amount of styles and finishes     available, we offer most fixtures through special order. They can be picked out             through catalogs or manufacturer's websites, and usually arrive within a few days!     Call or email us today for information and a quote on your fixture order!

ANYTHING can be ordered, but some of our common fixture brands are:

Authorized dealer of

WaterCop and FloLogic Systems!

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